Oppi-Road Trippin’

Getting to Oppi in one piece is always a good idea (though leaving in one piece is far more difficult) – this is how you do it the girl-friendly way! I won’t advise girls to travel all the way to Northam alone, even if you are a group of girls I would suggest having one or two men at hand, because why put yourself in that situation where you need to change a tyre when you can just get a guy to do it for you 😉  Drive with them or in convoy, either way your boyfriend/ boy friend can help you with plenty obstacles you may face on the way to Oppi! There are plenty of potholes, so drive carefully and rather drive around the potholes than through them! There are also plenty of road blocks and Police, so DO drive safely, and DON’T drink and Drive (well at least not until you’re on the Oppi Dirt Road). As much as you want to party on the road-trip, you also want to get to the destination safely (and if that destination is Oppikoppi then it is definitely worth getting safely to!) It’s also always a good idea to leave early, get there early, avoid the queues, and start the party ASAP! (Same goes for leaving early on the last day to miss the traffic and avoid the queues!)

Some things to watch out for:

  • Cops – don’t drink and drive. The cops know about Oppikoppi and will ruin your weekend if you’re drinking and driving. Besides being illegal, it’s a generally bad idea to drink and drive.
  • Cows and chickens – most villages have cows and chickens running lose. If it’s dark, just drive a little slower and get to Oppi safely.
  • Potholes –Watch out as potholes can damage tires or worse, flip your car.
  • Drunk people/Oppi go-ers. Some people get the party started early and drive like hooligans. (There was a bad accident 3 years ago just outside Northam caused by drunk people.)
  • In general – just be safe and be smart. Nobody likes a party pooper.

The Road to Oppi


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