OppiKoppi Poppie’s List of Essentials and then some…

When it comes to things like a 3 day outdoor music festival, I have to admit that being a girl puts you in a slight disadvantage. You know… dirty portable toilets, long queues to use those dirty toilets, no proper place to wash your hair or do those girly things us girls do…it’s at times like these that sometimes (ONLY Sometimes) we envy the opposite sex a little bit for being able to make every tree a lava”tree” and going days without caring about what they look like or how dirty they are. So instead of sitting at Oppikoppi wishing you were a male, NO THANK YOU, here are some tips on what to take with and to having a more pleasurable stay:

  • Wet Wipes, although there are showers available to the general Mordor public (10 Showers for 15 000 people) there is a lack of hot water at these showers and the queue for the girls showers is Loooooooooooooooooooong (no surprise here)! This is where wet wipes come in handy to keep the body essentials clean. Plus they work great at cleaning dirty hands and nostrils – jup I just said nostrils. On the upside if you are staying in one of the tented hotels they do offer warm showers which is a big bonus!
  • Deodorant…because yes you will sweat and get dirty and stink…and when you decide to throw your hands up in the air to your favorite song everyone else would also like to enjoy it and not smell you…
  • Feminine wipes: Li-Lets makes a handy re-sealable pack. There are few things that are more gross and more unhygienic than being dirty down under. (And I’m not talking about losing your name and your dignity in the great Australian outback…you know what I mean).
  • Toilet Sanitizer wipes (You can also just use normal Wet wipes here): The Portable Loos at Oppi are quite regularly cleaned and emptied which is good but STILL Why be exposed to THOSE germs? (When I say THOSE germs I am referring to THOSE drunken boys who lose all capability to aim and spray the seat)
  • Toilet paper: You know the situation, you sit down and then… Don’t be a victim! Those little pack of 10 tissues are convenient and doesn’t take up too much space in your bag.
  • A small toothpaste and toothbrush is important (even if you are too drunk to brush your teeth at night…it helps with the cotton mouth the next day).
  • Bottled water – This comes in handy when it comes to brushing your teeth, washing your hands/face, drinking headache tablets and of course curing a bad case of ‘droogies’ the next morning…
  • Dry Shampoo: Spray it on, comb it out, flip those beautiful locks and you are good to go
  • A hat: it saves your face from the sun’s rays (who wants to be pink and sore from sunburn on day 2), and conveniently it hides dirty hair! BOOM!
  • Sunscreen for obvious reasons. I have a tinted SPF moisturiser which always goes to Oppi with me. Make-up and protection in one.
  • Tent, Pillow, Sleeping bag and an extra blanket to keep you warm in the chilly nights. Also if you are not staying in a tented hotel then bring a blow up mattress or some kind of cushioning (the floor is NOT comfortable!).
  • Torch: Yes it does get dark at night, and no there are no camp lights…so if you want to find your campsite, or anything for that matter, at night I suggest you take a torch
  • A bottle/camel pack: you are allowed to take alcohol into the music venue only if it is not in a glass bottle. So if you are taking your own alcohol I suggest being prepared. You can also buy an Oppi bottle there, and the bonus is if you have the Oppi Bottle you have free, unlimited access to CLEAN, COLD water the whole weekend! Yay 🙂
  • Alcohol DUH! There are bars with awesome specials but if you are like me and you are on a budget – it’s much cheaper at Makro.
  • Food and Drinks for the campsite: although there are food stalls available it can get quite pricey to only purchase from them… so pack snacks and food which will last for 3 days (fresh produce is not the best idea) and a cooler box to keep things relatively fresh and cool.
  • Plastic bags for refuse, If you don’t use it for anything, use it to keep your campsite clean at least…trust me when I say that after 2 nights of raucous behavior and partying your campsite will look like a digs room which houses 10 pigs
  • Sunglasses: to protect your eyes, and hide red eyes. Also useful for people watching (we all do it!)
  • A small mirror, yes you do want to see what you look like…so that you can fix it! And anyone knows that applying make up without a mirror only results in disaster.
  • A Satchel handbag or rucksack to carry during the day, with an inner pocket to protect your valuables.
  • A pair of comfy closed shoes, I usually like Wellington boots or military boots or sneakers, it keeps your feet CLEAN, safe  (remember those pesky rocks and thorn trees I was telling you about) and keeps your feet warm at night
  • A super warm jacket for night time. Trust me it might be boiling during the day, but as soon as that sun drops you will want a jacket!
  • A camera, with an extra memory card and battery, for some awesome photos to always remember your time at Oppikoppi… and possibly NOT show your kids one day.
  • Medical Essentials Kit: Headache tablets, antihistamine if you have allergies or are prone to insect bites, disinfectant for cuts, plasters, etc.
  • The obvious: Money! To buy alcohol, food, merchandise, etc. There are ATM’s available but I feel it is better to get cash beforehand and be prepared. You will have to load the cash on a festival card…my suggestion is KEEP THE CARD SAFE! Oppi will give you a lanyard with a card holder…USE IT, don’t lose it!
  • On a serious note, but more importantly, if you will be engaging in sexual activities please remember to pack condoms, because one day when you kid asks you “Mommy where do Babies come from?” you don’t want to show them those Oppikoppi photos I was telling you about in the previous point.

Here’s to an awesome Oppikoppi full of great music, fun, friends, good memories and looking and feeling half decent. 

My home away from home!

My home away from home!


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