Oppi – Do’s

  • Go in a BIG group and with friends! The more the merrier!
  • Print out the schedule/programme before hand and take it with you so that you know who is performing and when! In more recent years there is a board at the entertainment entrance with the schedule on plus a big electronic board near the main stage with updates but it is always better to have a copy on you… I always take my own and somehow end up being the “go-to-girl” at the campsite about what’s happening each day.
  • Get to know the grounds…so that you don’t get lost and also so that you know the difference between all the stages!
  • Go watch all your favourite bands….and then some! Watch the new, upcoming bands and DJ’s which you may not have heard of before because there is a chance you will love them and really enjoy their music and be exposed to something new!
  • Drink water…staying hydrated is key to lasting the entire party and not waking up with a headache
  • Be safe! Stay with friends, and if you do separate have a meeting point!
  • Make new friends! At Oppi everyone is friendly and there to have a good time!
  • Know where your campsite is, it sucks getting lost!
  • Attend the naked mile! It’s funny and very entertaining…and if possible DO get a friend to partake!
  • LEAVE early on the last day! Sitting in traffic for 8 hours to get home (a trip which should take 2hrs) is NOT FUN!
  • HAVE FUN and Let Lose!


The Naked Mile...Always an Entertaining Option ;)

The Naked Mile…Always an Entertaining Option 😉


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