Oppi – Don’ts

  • Get stuck at your campsite and miss all the festivities happening at all the Music stages!
  • Get too drunk and/or high on drugs (yes it does happen at Oppi) and pass out an hour later, wake up the next morning or sometime over the weekend, with no idea where or who you are and have missed ALL the amazing performances
  • Fight…or mostly if you are a girl, don’t start fights! Like I said everyone is there to have a good time, not fight!
  • Accept drugs/alcohol/brownies/etc. unless you are CERTAIN of the outcome! And unless you are with friends you can trust to take care of you if the outcome is not what you expected!
  • Get Lost! One of my favourite activities is to go discovering to find new music, new friends and new places – but make sure you know how to find your friends again.
  • Pass out somewhere unsafe! If you’re tired go to your tent! As Safe as Oppi is, this is STILL South Africa and Sh#& happens!
  • Lose your name, dignity or self-respect!

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