Tented Hotels

There are quite a few options to choose from – I have tried and tested the following 2 options:

  1. Kreef Hotel
  2. Klein Windhoek

Prices Range: R 1 600 – R 3 000 Per Person for the whole weekend.

What you get @ the tented hotels : [Like I said…Sounds like a girls dream?]

This differs from hotel to hotel but in general….

  • Pre-pitched tent with mattresses (you need to bring your own bedding or pay for VIP tents which includes bedding)
  • Private parking area (1 car per tent included in your booking fee) – at Klein Windhoek you get to park by your tent.
  • 24-hour security
  • Private area (only Hotel customers allowed inside perimeter)
  • Cellphone charging
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Fireplace with braai facilities
  • Hairdryers and a grooming tent for girls to do all their girly business
  • Hot showers
  • Clean toilets
  • 24-hour reception
  • Private Bar
  • Porters
  • Entertainment

I have had the opportunity to stay at both the Kreef hotel and the Klein Windhoek hotel – both are great options but my own personal preference is Klein Windhoek. Mostly because it is the cheapest option, but also because it has it’s own entrance into the entertainment area PLUS you can park your car right next to your tent and overall I have had a better experience at Klein Windhoek. Please feel free to share your experiences and opinions below!



6 thoughts on “Tented Hotels

    • Hi Ross,

      All the tented Hotels are really well located however from my personal experience Klein Windhoek has the best location as it has it’s own entrance next to the Skellum stage so no need to move in and out of the tunnels with the thousands staying in Mordor. I even found that if you needed the bathroom it was faster and more convenient to go to Klein Windhoek bathrooms than to mission to the public toilets or up the Koppi (If you know what I mean). Klein Windhoek is also the best priced. I have done Kreef 2 years in a row and then moved to Klein Windhoek due to price – and I probably won’t go to another tented hotel ever again as the location was great, price was fair, and you can park your car right next to your tent which is a bonus. At Kreef there is a separate parking area.

      Hope this helps and see you at Koppi 🙂

  1. HI There, is the breakfast included in the price at kreef hotel? I will be staying there and want to know if I should take brekkie price into consideration when depositing money on my cashlesscard. also can the cashless card be topped up or can a new one be purchased during the festival should you run dry or lose the plastic bit with the number on it…?

    • Hi George,

      Yes Breakfast is included in the price at Kreef hotel unless you bought the Budget Prawn Guest option – this does not include breakfast. Also regarding the one night only tents I would suggest contacting Kreef and checking with them as this is the first time they have this option available. You can find them on Facebook.

      The cashless card can be topped up at the festival yes – you can also purchase a new one at the festival if you loose it however you will loose the value on the lost card so keep it safe. I suggest a lanyard with a card holder for around your neck so you don’t loose it.

      See you in the dust 🙂

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