Mordor is Mordor – it is exactly what you expect. Roughing it up once a year and doing the camping vibe at Oppikoppi is definitely worth it and an experience on its own. All you need is a tent, a sleeping bag, and a good location and you are sorted. Anything you add on to this is a bonus. A few tips for the Mordorians:

  • Arrive early to get the best spots (Like a day or 2 early)
  • Stay with a big group of your friends and your friends friends. The more the merrier. Try to corner off a big section for your community to live – go crazy and decorate it even
  • Find a way to mark your campsite so that you can easily find it again hours later when you are partly incapacitated
  • Have Shade. Shade is a very important commodity at midday when the sun is at it’s highest and hottest. If you can get a site with a tree – win! otherwise bring a Gazebo. Add chairs and a table to make your campsite your home away from home where everyone can chill and kuier. (See Oppi-Couch)
  • Make your own fire pit/braai area. Keep it safe though – Oppikoppi has limits on the height of the fire’s in Mordor.
  • Take a lock for your tent – this is South Africa after all.
  • Don’t get parked in – the last thing you want to do on the last morning is not to be able to leave.
  • Practice your window/sand art skills. Your car will get VERY dirty in all the dust – make a cool picture on your windshields – if you don’t someone else will.
  • If you want to use the public showers then wake up super early – especially if you are a girl. That early bird was on to something when he tried to get the first worm – it works. The queues at the girls public showers are very very long.
  • If you can go without a shower for 3 days then take lots and lots and lots of packs of Wet Wipes. Trust me.
  • Take water. and more water. This is for drinking and cleansing – trust me you need water to brush your teeth every morning (No one likes cotton mouth).
  • Braai at your campsite – breakfast is always a winner.

If you have any other tips – comment below 🙂


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