Camping in Mordor VS. Tented Hotels? 

OppiKoppi-lovers like roughing it in the streets of Mordor! Camping in tents and cars, and eating boerewors rolls and chips for breakfast or the classic go-to brekkie Roosterkoek at Kobus se Gat – Yummy! However, there is also a “luxury” option offered by Kreef Hotel, Klein Windhoek, and a few other options which seem to increase year on year which ensures a pre-erected tent, mattresses, warm showers, charger points, private bar, breakfast and some extra entertainment – Sounds like a girls dream for any music festival right?

My first 2 years I had been roughing and toughing it up by camping with a group of friends in Mordor which was awesome and definitely a good option and I really would recommend that EVERYBODY try it at least once – but the only problem is that in order to get a good spot you need to arrive early…like a day or two before early…unless you want to stay like 3 KM away from the stages and keep up your exercise regime everyday (good on you)! So for those of us who can’t just pack up and go the day before (read “Work Life” and “I have no leave”), the Tented Hotels is actually a good method of getting a good spot without the the previous day’s efforts. The warm shower of course is also a MAJOR perk, especially for us girls, and a nice mattress will help with the back problems the next day! Oh and a good hearty breakfast to prepare you for the long day ahead, never hurt anybody – and don’t fret you still have lunch & dinner to consume those ever so delicious Roosterkoeke! Another bonus is that you can arrive ANY time of Day or night and still make it in time to see your favourite show! In 2013 we arrived  at 1AM in the morning after a loooooong day at work – was assisted immediately with our bags straight to our tent and 5 minutes later we were singling along to Fokofpolisiekar live!

Myself and some friends “tested” the Kreef Hotel in 2013  and we were pleasantly surprised, and yes we went back there in 2014 again! Some might call us weak – but trust me, we have had our fair share of Mordor experience! Oh and staying in a tented hotel does not mean you can’t still enjoy the pleasures of Mordor – one of the best parts of Oppi is walking the streets of Mordor and making new friends!

In 2015 the Kreef hotel put their prices up quite a bit, and we decided to choose the cheaper option Klein Windhoek. This was definitely a winning choice!  You get all the same benefits as Kreef (Warm Shower, Breakfast, Pre-Erected Tent, etc.) plus it has the best location as it has it’s own entrance next to the Skellum stage so no need to move in and out of the tunnels with the thousands staying in Mordor. I even found that if you needed the bathroom it was faster and more convenient to go to Klein Windhoek bathrooms than to mission to the public toilets or up the Koppi (If you know what I mean). A bonus is also the fact that you can park your car right next to your tent  – At Kreef there is a separate parking area which is not always situated close to your tent. Also Klein Windhoek gets proper Porta-Bathrooms which is much more spacious and cleaner then the porta-loos available at other locations. My go-to place for any Oppi going forward is Klein Windhoek (keep up the good work guys!).

All Oppikoppi lovers most definitely need to try Mordor at least once or twice (we are even considering giving it another try in the next few years) – but the tented hotels are there for your convenience and is never a bad option.


Kreef Hotel

Kreef Hotel


8 thoughts on “Oppi-Accomodation

    • Hi Ru-Ann 🙂 The Prices for OppiKoppi Kreef 2015 have not yet been released! You can however use 2014 Prices as an indication as their prices generally do not increase by THAT much! Last year a twin sharing tent was R 1 590.00 Per Person (Thus R 3 180.00 in Total) to give you some indication what to budget for! 3 man tents cost less per person and a single tent costs more per person. Thanks for Supporting OppiKoppi Poppie 🙂

  1. Hi there,
    Does the Price of “R1590” include the ticket aswell or is it just for accomodation at the Kreef Hotel?


    • The price does NOT include your OppiKoppi Ticket. It is only for Accomodation at Kreef which includes (As above):

      Pre-pitched tent with mattresses (you need to bring your own bedding)
      Private parking area (1 car per tent included in your booking fee)
      24-hour security
      Private area (only Kreef Hotel customers allowed inside perimeter)
      Cellphone charging
      Buffet breakfast
      Fireplace with braai facilities
      Small stage for Kreef performances
      Hairdryers (please do not bring your own)
      Hot showers
      Clean toilets
      24-hour reception

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