Cheers to one BIG South African Music Festival Weekend!

Earlier this year it was announced that our favourite South African music festival would no longer take place in August but instead had been moved to October on the same weekend as another huge South African music festival Rocking the Daisies. Reactions were very mixed when the announcement was made – some negative around people not being able to attend Oppikoppi anymore due to the date change or people usually attending both and now having too choose (among other sentiments), but a lot of the reactions were positive too. In my opinion it has it’s pros and cons like all decisions in life – but overall for South African Music I think it is a great opportunity.

Imagine a weekend when a whole country is engulfed by Music – from the windy shores of the Western Cape all the way to the dry dusty roads of Limpopo. A whole country celebrating and having a good time, whilst enjoying a variety of local and international acts. This is what we can expect in October. Those people who do not have a ticket to this weekend (either Oppi or RTD) will suffer from a most definite case of FOMO (Fear of missing out). You know when people say a big sporting event like a Rugby World cup can bring a country together – in my opinion a big weekend of culture and music can have exactly the same affect. Over and above this – the opportunity for great International acts has now increased as 2 bags of cash are always better than 1 PLUS our amazing local talent now has the opportunity to be exposed to new audiences and play alongside top quality international and local acts.

Each to their own – everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to this. Yes South Africa has it’s fair share of S*#t happening – but 2 of the biggest festivals coming together to create one huge awesome weekend is not one of them.

Thank you Oppi and RTD – keep on keeping on.


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