Yay for 90% South African Music Policy

As from 12th May 2016, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has committed itself to playing 90% local music across the 18 radio stations they own. There have been some mixed reactions with regards to this but I personally feel that is great news! South African music rocks – we don’t say “Local is Lekker” for no reason. This is great news for the SA Music Industry and for us as listeners and fans as well. We will now be exposed to all our favourite local musicians as well as experiencing some new names we may not know of.

Just look at Oppikoppi – yes there are international bands which is amazing but Oppikoppi’s biggest focus is boosting local talent and getting new names out there as well as supporting the well-know local names. Those people who always moan about the international artist line-up not being up to standard – are going to Oppi for the wrong reason. Oppi is about the culture and the experience and listening to the best local and new talent the Oppi team can find. One of my all-time favourite Oppikoppi activities is walking around from stage to stage and discovering a new band that i can instantly jam and have a good time to.

Well Done SABC for giving our local musicians a chance – Oppi have been doing this for 23 years and more people should embrace South African Music.



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