Numero 4 of 20 – No time like the Present!

As the daily countdown decreases, and the time draws nearer for me to attend my 4th Oppikoppi, I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia at the last 3 years of Oppi-awesome-ness and the experiences I have had. I have spent the last few days going over all the best memories and all the funniest photos – only to realise how much Oppi has influenced my life and the lives of my friends and family who I have convinced (see ‘peer pressured’) into joining me on this wonderful weekend of absolute debauchery. It’s amazing to see how this festival has grown, not only in my last 3 years of attending, but looking back at the magnificent history that is Oppikoppi!

20 Years of Oppi Madness –  Let’s get drunk they said, and let’s make a promise to attend 20 Oppi’s they said, it will most definitely be fun they said! This was pretty much how the conversation went between myself and my boyfriend (the reason I attended my first Oppi) last night. Celebrating 20 years of Oppi madness this year has made us lust after experiencing our own 20 years of Oppi – so here’s hoping that this festival is not planning any getaways soon!

So whilst I carefully explain to my body (see ‘liver’) that she will have to endure 16 more Oppi’s – We (my body and I) come to a consensus to learn from the past, dream of the future and live for the present! So here is to Oppikoppi 20 Years – 4 of 20 – and making this year the best one yet!


The magic that is Oppikoppi


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