In the Beginning…

3 Years ago I was a girl who had never experienced the awesomeness that is a weekend long party and music festival in South Africa known as Oppikoppi! I was a first year student with a thirst for adventure, a big love of music and who loved a good Kuier! I was the type of girl, and still am, who would jump at any opportunity to watch a live music show…! To let loose, go crazy and let the music take over you! I am now super excited and proud to say (thanks to the influence of a certain special someone who changed my life) that this year, 2013, Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast will be my 3rd Oppikoppi and I can’t wait for the dusty, dry Northam farm to be taken over by Thousands of people with one common goal: to have a good time! And although I won’t say I am an Oppikoppi expert, I feel that I have adequate knowledge from my previous 2 Oppikoppi’s to give some advice and other interesting discoveries to girls, and those metrosexual males who love a good party, on attending your first Oppi! Stay posted as I will be updating soon….

Red Bull Stage

Red Bull Stage – Day 1


One thought on “In the Beginning…

  1. Reading that made me hunger for the festival again, only a few more days till chaos breaks out in the dusty small town of Northam 🙂

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