Cheers to one BIG South African Music Festival Weekend!

Earlier this year it was announced that our favourite South African music festival would no longer take place in August but instead had been moved to October on the same weekend as another huge South African music festival Rocking the Daisies. Reactions were very mixed when the announcement was made – some negative around people not being able to attend Oppikoppi anymore due to the date change or people usually attending both and now having too choose (among other sentiments), but a lot of the reactions were positive too. In my opinion it has it’s pros and cons like all decisions in life – but overall for South African Music I think it is a great opportunity.

Imagine a weekend when a whole country is engulfed by Music – from the windy shores of the Western Cape all the way to the dry dusty roads of Limpopo. A whole country celebrating and having a good time, whilst enjoying a variety of local and international acts. This is what we can expect in October. Those people who do not have a ticket to this weekend (either Oppi or RTD) will suffer from a most definite case of FOMO (Fear of missing out). You know when people say a big sporting event like a Rugby World cup can bring a country together – in my opinion a big weekend of culture and music can have exactly the same affect. Over and above this – the opportunity for great International acts has now increased as 2 bags of cash are always better than 1 PLUS our amazing local talent now has the opportunity to be exposed to new audiences and play alongside top quality international and local acts.

Each to their own – everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to this. Yes South Africa has it’s fair share of S*#t happening – but 2 of the biggest festivals coming together to create one huge awesome weekend is not one of them.

Thank you Oppi and RTD – keep on keeping on.


Yay for 90% South African Music Policy

As from 12th May 2016, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has committed itself to playing 90% local music across the 18 radio stations they own. There have been some mixed reactions with regards to this but I personally feel that is great news! South African music rocks – we don’t say “Local is Lekker” for no reason. This is great news for the SA Music Industry and for us as listeners and fans as well. We will now be exposed to all our favourite local musicians as well as experiencing some new names we may not know of.

Just look at Oppikoppi – yes there are international bands which is amazing but Oppikoppi’s biggest focus is boosting local talent and getting new names out there as well as supporting the well-know local names. Those people who always moan about the international artist line-up not being up to standard – are going to Oppi for the wrong reason. Oppi is about the culture and the experience and listening to the best local and new talent the Oppi team can find. One of my all-time favourite Oppikoppi activities is walking around from stage to stage and discovering a new band that i can instantly jam and have a good time to.

Well Done SABC for giving our local musicians a chance – Oppi have been doing this for 23 years and more people should embrace South African Music.


Ten Things To Remember For The Next Oppikoppi

Source: JhbLive >>

Thank you JHBLIVE for this awesome article – made me laugh but it is also ALL so true!

Oppi is by far the best music festival in the country. One of the many things that makes it so special is that, in theory, it’s impossible…
It’s thick in the bush, the trees have thorns the size of great white shark teeth and the dust is so thick that if you spit it comes out as mud.
It’s a game reserve without game but not without animals.
We’re back from our dusty pilgrimage and thought we’d compile an Oppi Survival Guide for you guys. Here are some things that you shouldn’t (but probably will) forget for next year:
  1. Bring deodorant because, let’s be honest, there is no point in showering. Five minutes (if you’re lucky) after the water hits your body, you’ll be covered in dust again. Rather mask your scent by dousing your pits in deo every half hour.
  2. Wet wipes. These babies are of the most importance. They should be used before, during and after your deo showers. Whether you zip up your tent, crouch behind a bush or just wipe yourself down in public, don’t underestimate the power of a wet wipe shower. They also double up as toilet paper if the bush is your john of choice.
  3. Do not go to the top bar after 2am. For those of you who have read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and are familiar with The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, this is The Bar at the End of the Universe at the Top of the Hill. There is no better place in the world to be – after 2am, that is. It’s Oppi’s best-kept secret. Please don’t go there.
  4. Don’t join the mass exodus out of Mordor – after three days of heavy drinking, drugging, dehydration and dust you are bound to wake up on Sunday with a babalas of cosmic proportion. Don’t leave – you will sit in traffic for hours. It’s torture. You’ve got two options: don’t sleep after Saturday night’s headline act and leave immediately afterwards or rough it for an extra day. It’s your choice.
  5. Don’t be a doos. Oppikoppi is like a hippy festival without the hippies. Okay, there are some hippies. Everyone is chilled, considering the lack of fighting, despite the population of about 15 000 drunk Afrikaaners. If you’re there to cause kak, fuck right off. You are not welcome here.
  6. Learn some Afrikaans. Oppi may be the most multicultural festival we’ve got but technically speaking, it’s still Afrikaans. Have some respect and at least learn some phrases. Essential sentences to memorise include: “Moet asseblief nie op my kar pee nie” and “Dis groen, gaan jy dit rerig drink?”
  7. Don’t bring a dust mask – even though you’ll think you look cool in photos, it doesn’t really help with the fiery ball of dust that’s going to take up residence in your chest on day one. It won’t exit until at least a week after the festival and it ain’t something a dust mask can prevent.
  8. Take two days off work – one day is never enough for recovery. Doctors all over Joburg prepare for the dreaded Oppi flu so maybe book your appointment at the same time as you book your ticket. The festival will break you.
  9. Go again. Every year after the festival I swear it’s the last one. It never is and it always gets better… You might as well just buy your ticket now. And book next year’s appointment.
  10. You’re not really a poes. You might be called one a couple of times during your stay in the dust but don’t take it personally. In most cases, it’s a meant in an endearing way. Trust. If you have been called a poes more than once then you must be a very likable person. Well done.
That should sort you out for next year’s trek. Memorise this list for your own good.
And the countdown begins…Oppi 2015 LETS!

Numero 4 of 20 – No time like the Present!

As the daily countdown decreases, and the time draws nearer for me to attend my 4th Oppikoppi, I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia at the last 3 years of Oppi-awesome-ness and the experiences I have had. I have spent the last few days going over all the best memories and all the funniest photos – only to realise how much Oppi has influenced my life and the lives of my friends and family who I have convinced (see ‘peer pressured’) into joining me on this wonderful weekend of absolute debauchery. It’s amazing to see how this festival has grown, not only in my last 3 years of attending, but looking back at the magnificent history that is Oppikoppi!

20 Years of Oppi Madness –  Let’s get drunk they said, and let’s make a promise to attend 20 Oppi’s they said, it will most definitely be fun they said! This was pretty much how the conversation went between myself and my boyfriend (the reason I attended my first Oppi) last night. Celebrating 20 years of Oppi madness this year has made us lust after experiencing our own 20 years of Oppi – so here’s hoping that this festival is not planning any getaways soon!

So whilst I carefully explain to my body (see ‘liver’) that she will have to endure 16 more Oppi’s – We (my body and I) come to a consensus to learn from the past, dream of the future and live for the present! So here is to Oppikoppi 20 Years – 4 of 20 – and making this year the best one yet!


The magic that is Oppikoppi

In the Beginning…

3 Years ago I was a girl who had never experienced the awesomeness that is a weekend long party and music festival in South Africa known as Oppikoppi! I was a first year student with a thirst for adventure, a big love of music and who loved a good Kuier! I was the type of girl, and still am, who would jump at any opportunity to watch a live music show…! To let loose, go crazy and let the music take over you! I am now super excited and proud to say (thanks to the influence of a certain special someone who changed my life) that this year, 2013, Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast will be my 3rd Oppikoppi and I can’t wait for the dusty, dry Northam farm to be taken over by Thousands of people with one common goal: to have a good time! And although I won’t say I am an Oppikoppi expert, I feel that I have adequate knowledge from my previous 2 Oppikoppi’s to give some advice and other interesting discoveries to girls, and those metrosexual males who love a good party, on attending your first Oppi! Stay posted as I will be updating soon….

Red Bull Stage

Red Bull Stage – Day 1